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Montolza Museum includes artists such as Bellus, Bomblec, Delarue-Nouvellière, Deville, Doisneau, Dorfinant, Favier, Fernel, Frankin, Galop, Gamy, Goursa-SEM, Geo Ham, Hergé, Hook, A.Kow, Laurencin, Malzac, Metteix, Molynk, Montaut, Nys, Pichat, Steinlen, Toulouse- Lautrec, Trinquier -Trianon, Wilhio and Yoshida.

The 101 works presented as posters, comic books, embroideries, postcards, drawings, newspapers, lithographs, photographs, paintings and postage stamps provide us with an opportunity to experience and share stimulating, moving moments... under the guidance of Ossip ZADKINE.

From the mid-19th century, the new science of industrial mechanics was beginning to define its theoretical foundations, particularly with the distinction between the theory of engines and that of the transmission of the forces required to produce movement: scientific research and its creative power was exerting its effect on technology and artists.

But it was not until the early 20th century that science became, in its turn, the main driving force that led to major changes in processes and the pace of production of the mechanical industries, through the genius of a large number of French industrialists of the period who were already positioned as world leaders in their field.

From 1868 this is illustrated with the start of the universal industrial race that began in Paris, with the birth of the Velocipedes (Michaux), soon followed by the Bicycle as a result of applications of new rubbers (Hutchinson), removable tyres (Michelin), and then the motorization of Vehicles (De Dion), Agriculture, Navy, Aeronautics and, finally, Space conquest.

In 1969, with Apollo 11, walking on the moon was no longer an eternal poetic dream but a reality shared live by millions of TV viewers.

These 101 decisive years for Humanity, a chain of spiritual, emotional and technological union between hundreds of Pioneers, Sportsmen, Inventors, Craftsmen, Scientists and Artists, are a glorification of Baron Pierre de Coubertin’s motto: “Faster, Higher, Stronger”.

Patrick André LAUBIE Founder